Penbera Paris


Sampling of Client Results

  • We valued the economic loss of a young mother from California who is killed when a plane that she is piloting crashes because of faulty maintenance work.
  • A resort owner sues a County government over damages following a bridge washout. We analyze business interruption, property, and asset loss claims, and develop loss scenarios with engineers and others refuting many of the claims.
  • A corporation dependent on walk-in clients and referrals discovers that important contact information has been omitted from a paid listing. We identify the number of clients lost, the value of each client, and the total value of the loss.
  • A young man is prescribed the wrong eye medication dosage and loses his sight in one eye.  We value the loss of the man’s future income and medical needs.   
  • A major construction company is sued by a State agency for failing to pay wages for crews that worked overtime to meet a deadline for completing a new airport terminal.  We reconstruct the wage histories and determine the lost wages.  
  • A consortium of major U.S. car and truck manufacturing car companies sues a State over mandated air quality regulations.  We forecast future fuel supply and demand and the economic costs to the companies associated with the new regulations and their timing.
  • A company claims that it retains primary rights to a technology and that it is being blocked from applying the technology by a competitor. We valued the technology and the economic effects of the competitor conduct.
  • A leading brand national company with over 33,000 locations is embroiled in internal disputes that threaten the solvency of the company.  Dr. Penbera is appointed by the Court to analyze operational costs, resolve the disputes, and restructure the business.  It emerges as the leader of its industry.
  • A local government is considering using public finances for a new sports stadium. We value the regional economic costs and benefits, and construct financial performance scenarios.

Partial Client List

American Planning Association
Baker, Manock, & Jensen Law Firm   
California Eye
Cholakian Law Firm (San Francisco)  
City of Fresno                                             
Commercial Realty Associates             
Community Hospitals of Central California  
County of San Luis Obispo                
Davis and Winston Law Firm (Los Angeles)
Deloitte and Touche                          
Federated/Macy’s Stores 
Florida State University
Gottlieb Organization (Ohio and Hawaii)
Lukiven (Venezeula)      
National Association of Manufacturers          
NBC Universal                        
Overstreet & Associates Law Firm
Office of the President of Poland
Planning Secretariat of Brazil
Port of San Diego                    
Producer’s Dairy                        
Ruiz Foods
San Francisco Law Center                 
Spencer Enterprises                           
State Labor Commissioner (California)         
Strickland, AG (Switzerland)              
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Department of Education            
U.S. Department of Labor
White House Consortium of Cabinet-Level Agencies